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Don Croft

Zapper Wellness Gadget

Zapper Wellness Gadget

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Zapper Terminator Wellness - The ORIGINAL unit made by Don Croft .- NOW IN GREEN COLOUR (not black)

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All zappers evidently destroy the entire range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms in the body by ionizing (negative: healthy static charge; abundance of free electrons) their environment: bood, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, bile, urine, mucus, intestinal contents and even inside the eyeball.

There are more complex and abstruse theories and even a claim that only the blood is electrified (another word for 'ionized' but not as accurate, in my opinion) but the simpler ionization theory seems more appropriate, according to my observations over the past fourteen years.

Zappers are also a great deal more effective than some manufacturers realize. Some of these advise some rather odd protocols but we've found that the best way to use a zapper is to just wear it on your skin constantly while sickness symptoms are evident. Why not get the most out of the device?

Our zapper is designed to be worn conveniently under the clothing or held in an elastic, terrycloth tennis wrist sweatband. Please don't use an ace bandage because applying that much pressure will cause you to sweat profusely, there, and that takes away from the zapper's effectiveness. It's hard to move the zapper in that case and when you're still acidic you're going to need to move the zapper to another spot when it starts to tingle, or else the acid in your blood will induce a slight burn at the positive electrode/disc location.

Most women wear a zapper under a bra shoulder strap, high on the chest, and most men wear it in a sock against the ankle or against the belly, just above the belt inside the undershirt. While driving or sitting it's convenient to wear a zapper on the shoulder. *SEE BELOW *

It doesn't matter where you put it against the skin, unless you want to take advantage of the field effect to heal a certain area of the body, such as a toothache (wear it on the nearest shoulder) or a painful back or joint. Genital herpes can evidently only be cured with a zapper if the Terminator is worn more or less constantly on or close to the sacrum but this is an exception. Our previous models were inconsistent curing that sickness so we assume that we had finally added enough appropriate subtle energy components to the Terminator in that case.

It's generally not a good idea to wear a zapper on the throat or face because even when our bodies are generally alkaline this area may remain acidic.

It's absolutely impossible to do any real harm with any battery-powered zapper but while you're still acidic you may get stung if you don't move the zapper to another location when the skin under it starts to itch or tingle. In that case if you leave the zapper on that spot a tiny hole can develop in the skin at the disc closer to the switch. Vitamin E oil on a bandaid, changed daily, will quickly heal that without scarring.

Waste material builds up on the other disc when one is still acidic. Zapping evidently alkalizes you by destroying all the organisms in the body that excrete acid toxins: bacteria, fungi, viruses and worms. The amount of time this takes depends on how infested a person is with these organisms and how efficiently elimination organs can get the toxic material out of the body.

At present, 1/07/09, our zapper is considered to be the best on the market. We believe this is because we continue to develop and add subtle energy technology to it. These are mainly sold by referral; not on the basis of our own claims.

We mainly base our subtle energy experiments and research on Carol's inspired design and direction and on Dr Wilhelm Reich's discoveries. Our website, , has an outline of some of these components and a description of what they do but we keep some of the technology hidden from potential imitators so that we can keep our little share of the market: the more discriminating and independent-thinking customers.

Everything we make is harmless, of course, and we've given away most of our inventions. A lot of people around the world are earning a living by making and selling copies and modifications of those inventions and we feel gratified by that. The vendors whom we personally know are reputable are listed in the lower right margin of is a blogsite where Carol shares information and advice about how to create, arrange and apply subtle energy components for specific purposes. We've found that a lot of people intuitively know how to do this, too.

There's been a lot of confusion about the application of frequencies in electromedicine. This arose, mainly, from an unfortunate misunderstanding and plagiarism of Dr Royal Raymond Rife's pioneering technology.

The sole function of frequency in a zapper is to pulse weak electric current onto the skin in an on/off fashion (positive offset square wave) to induce capacitance into the body--a sort of 'bleeding through' of an infinitisimal amount of that electricity. This tiny, pulsed current is more than sufficient to vitally ionize all of the fluids in the body, instantly. All species of parasites evidently then lose their skin 'tension' due to the reversed static charge in their environment. Then they disintegrate. Excreting acid toxins is how all viruses, fungi, (bad) bacteria and worms create an appropriate static field for their own existence.

Lower frequencies seem to be slightly more efficient for this than higher ones. We use approximately 15Hz in our zapper because that's a 'feel good' frequency and is one of the many subtle energy features.

That static field is characterized by a deficit of free electrons, hence the presence of acidic toxins. Free electron, which is what electric current is, are life-enhancing and a deficit of electrons promotes decay and death. You can see this process in the atmosphere. Brown smog hangs in the air and is the (colloidal) suspension of heavy, toxic particles in an acidic static field. When lightning strikes, the field is reversed, toxic material drops like stones and that part of the atmosphere becomes clear again and feels good.

We've found that copper is a good electrode material and that silver and gold are slightly inferior, probably due to increased conductivity. We favor zinc but we can't solder the wires to zinc and it's not as pretty as copper, so not as marketable. It's impossible to transfer metal into the body with the zapper's weak current. Even if it were possible the metal particles would be in a suitably charged form for the body to absorb it as a needed nutrient. Most people are deficient in copper, in fact. To conduct copper through the skin would require so much electricity that the current would probably be fatal, so claims that a zapper's electrodes should not touch the skin are simply not rational. Putting initials behind a person's name and a white coat on him doesn't infer the ability to think rationally, in case you didn't know.

I suggest that if any scientific theory doesn't make sense it should be disregarded. There's a boatload of fake science and silly protocols that attached to simple electromedicine early on, so caveat emptor.

Many millions of people in the West and industrial Asia developed chronic sicknesses between 1998 and the middle of 2002 and most of them are still sick. We assume that the daily ingestion through the lungs of mycoplasma (mainly) in chemtrails during that period was the cause and special attention is generally needed to mend these damaged people.

People are still being sickened with bio-weaponry and other corporate means but at a much slower rate, now. Dr William von Peters of developed ChemBuster at our request in early 2003. This simple, inexpensive and harmless homeopathic/herbal remedy seems to cure about half of the people who have the new chronic sicknesses. If you have one of these sicknesses you'll probably experience a lot of discomfort when you use a zapper. This is because your liver, spleen and kidneys are not up to the task of expelling toxic material efficiently. If you experience any increase in vitality and awareness within a day or two of starting to use a zapper, then you probably don't need ChemBuster because your body still has the ability to restore itself. ChemBuster and professional help are for those whose bodies have lost this ability, we believe. Dr von P works through the mail based on a hair sample and he routinely cures even the most hopeless chronic sickness cases. He offers a discount to people who have used our zappers and have not recovered their health.

The Terminator uses a standard, rectangular nine-volt battery. Alkaline batteries last the longest (around two weeks of constant use) and DuraCell, EverReady and Energizer (in the US) fit well in the zapper. Some brands of batteries are a little too fat, so if those are used the lid should be taped shut.

It's a good idea to test the zapper each time you change the battery. If you don't have a voltmeter, just touch both discs at the same time with your tongue when the green light is flashing. With a new battery you'll feel a strong tingle. Please take care when you remove a battery! If you don't, you're likely to break wire sooner or later. Push the battery clip off from the side with your thumb. Don't pull it off by grasping the wires!

If you drop a zapper in water, just remove the battery immediately and drain the water out. You won't likely damage the zapper if you follow this advice.

If you damage the circuit by getting it wet or dropping the zapper on the switch the cost of repair is US$20 plus shipping. Repairing a damaged battery clip wire is US$10 plus shipping. Just contact me for a mailing address in that case. Repairs due to faulty workmanship are free.

- Don Croft


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