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ZeoZone Zeolite - WITH Magnesium. x 6 Pak - SPECIAL BULK BUY

ZeoZone Zeolite - WITH Magnesium. x 6 Pak - SPECIAL BULK BUY

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  x 6 bottles

 ZeoZone + Magnesium Liquid 50ml 

Activated Zeolite with Magnesium 

A Liquid Zeolite + Magnesium is a dietary supplement delivering magnesium chloride via a Clinoptilolite alumino-silicate transporter.

Magnesium’s role is extremely critical to our health and well-being, an essential mineral for the body and mind possessing very strong excretory effect on toxins in the body’s tissue.

ZeoZone also contains activated Clinoptilolite which helps to remove toxins and correct acidic pH levels because of its cat-ion exchange, negatively charged properties and its ability to attract and capture positive ions.

Magnesium is found in the cells; it activates over 300 biological functions of the body and is required for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids.  A deficiency in Magnesium can lead to broad spectrum of health and well-being problems in most of the bodies systems and functions.

Magnesium is vital for our brain function, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems to send the correct signals to organs, muscles, glands and helps relax nerves and relieve tension.  Magnesium works to balance out and absorb other minerals in the body such as potassium, sodium and calcium.

A deficiency can alter calcium metabolism and effect bone density as magnesium regulates and counteracts calcium.  It is well documented that extremely high percentage of the population are highly deficient in magnesium due to a verey wide variety, mineral depleted inorganic soil, even organic soil, high stress levels, and of course lifestyle-lead diets.

Raising your Magnesium levels, and chelating toxins from the body can assist with anti-aging encouraging our bodies to rejuvenate healthier cells, block out toxins, and improve overall health and well-being.

Our Activated Zeolite with Magnesium can assist with many benefits such as returning the bodies pH levels to an alkaline balanced state, reduce lactic acid after exercise, toxin and heavy metal removal, remineralise and improve bone and teeth integrity and strength, boost immunity and brain function, trap free radicals, and start restoring the balancing in your body!

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